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Would you like me to come and talk at your school, event or in an organisation? I am an experienced public speaker, broadcaster and mediator.  Below is a sample of some of the talks I give on mental well-being and about topical issues of the day as well as giving motivational talks about parenting and issues relating to adolescents and children. All enquiries to info@stellaomalley.com

Parenting talks

  • 'Raising Happy Kids in an Anxious World' - We all want to raise happy kids. However, life's stresses often get in the way! This talk helps parents to rekindle the joy of family life with practical tips and strategies for parents to use in daily life.

  • 'Bully-Proof Kids: Developing Resilience & Social Skills'' This talk focuses on how we can help our kids tap into their inner strength so they feel able to deflect any negative attention. Covering all aspects of cyberbullying and irl bullying, parents and teenagers who attend will feel more informed about the way bullies work and so more able to anticipate and influence future behaviour.

  • ''Handling Anxiety in  Children & Teenagers' Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in Ireland today, not only that, but anxiety is often contagious and so anxiety can infect the whole family. Anxiety is often described as an over-estimation of the danger and an under-estimation of your ability to cope. This talk provides helpful tips and strategies for parents to teach their perspective and help their children feel more able to cope.

  • Teens and Tweens and Screens’ With the force of a multi-billion Euro industry driving this, many of our children have fallen into destructive relationships with their screens. This talk helps parents regain control of tech use in family-life.

  • 'The Storms & Stresses of Adolescence' The teenage brain is still under construction and teenagers can often feel overwhelmed by their emotions. This talk help parents and teenagers develop more positive relationships and also learn about what to do and what not to do when communicating with teenagers.

  • 'Developing Resilience, Confidence and Social Skills in Children' Some children come out of the womb feeling brave while others seem to be gentler souls. This talk helps parents learn how to identify their children’s strengths and so they can build confidence and inner strength.

Mental Well Being & Topical Issues 

  • 'Fragile: Why we are more anxious, stressed and overwhelmed than ever before (and what we can do about it) . This talk is based upon my new book that will be released in April and it focuses upon how we are making ourselves more stressed by the choices we make and it outlines more effective strategies to ensure we feel calmer and stronger within ourselves.

  • 'Mindfulness', 'Well-Being & Mental Health' - Mindfulness gives you the time and brain space to make better choices. This in turn promotes feelings of well-being. Mindfulness can help with all aspects of life including the demands of parenting.

  • 'Self Care, Well-Being & Resilience : Why Caring for yourself is critical'

  • 'Enjoying a Work-life balance when you have a demanding family!'

  • 'Finding peace in a busy world'

  • 'Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy'

  • 'Anxiety and Well-being’ Anxiety is often described as an over-estimation of the danger and an under-estimation of your ability to cope. This talk provides helpful tips and strategies to learn perspective and help you feel more able to cope.

  • 'Positive Body Image'

  • 'Exploring Bibliotherapy – Can you read yourself better'

  • 'Building Friendships, developing resilience & Handling conflict'

  • 'Bullying, Kindness & Tolerance in a Complicated World'


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“Superb talk tonight by Stella on Bully-Proof Kids - Very engaging and learned a lot.”
— Dara Morgan via Twitter
”I was surprised how much I benefited from this talk - after the evening I was finally motivated to have the courage to live my life according to my own beliefs and values - and not everyone else.”
— LizWright, 41
”Stella’s talk was fascinating; packed with practical information and startling insights into human behaviour. I’d recommend this talk to anyone.”
— Karina Doyle, 34