‘Stella O’Malley avoids jargon and uses insightful case studies to analyse bullying’
— Irish Times
‘Bully-Proof Kids’ is the secret weapon that every parent should invest in.’
— mummypages.ie
‘A very handy tool for parents’
— Alison Curtis, Today FM

When you’re a child, tween or teen, the social scene can be difficult to handle. Some kids haven’t yet developed the social skills to be able to cope confidently in this toxic world where bullies won’t let up, worried victims are ashamed to tell and bystanders don t act to help the situation. 'Bully-Proof Kids' gives parents – and kids – the tools to break the cycle by examining the factors that contribute to bullying: the school environment; the personalities of those involved; and the often-overlooked role of bystanders.

In this new book, Stella describes what determines whether your child may become a victim, a bystander or a bully and offers concrete strategies to help you empower your children to be socially competent and deal with bullying both online and in school. 



‘offers different approaches which will empower children to deal confidently with different characters.... the advise is very practical - a rock of sense all the way through’
— Ireland AM, TV3
‘a fascinating read...I would recommend it to all parents.’
— Today With Sean O'Rourke, RTE1 Radio
‘this book is a great place to start if you need it’
— Dr Ciara Kelly, Newstalk
‘Stella provides great tips on how to protect your kids’
— Maura Derrane, Today With Maura & Daithi, RTE1
‘It’s a fantastic book and I imagine that lots of people will be reading it’
— Daithi O Se, Today with Maura & Daithi, RTE 1