Why We Feel More Anxious, Stressed and Overwhelmed Than Ever

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Stella’s new book moves beyond parenting books to general self-help and explores the reasons why so many people feel more anxious, overwhelmed and stressed than ever. The way that we are encouraged to emphasise our emotions, often causing more harm than good, and how we are misreading mental health messages is also scrutinised. With a particular interest in the rising levels of anxiety, she shows us how our increasingly perfectionist and materialistic society has created a society shallow and toxic that is high on expectation and low on satisfaction.

After examining why and how we feel so overwhelmed and anxious, the second half of the book focuses on tapping into our inner strength so that we can learn to stop giving our power away. More than anything, this book, with a series of simple thinking tools, helps the reader to move forward to a place where they can experience challenges to their mental health and yet feel adequately empowered to address their issues. Released by Gill Books, here is a link to a blog post on Gill Books, which extracts a little bit of chapter 5. READ MORE HERE


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