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I'm a guest on a variety of radio programmes where I talk about mental and well-being topics as well as topical issues of the day. 

Here's just a sample: 


Newstalk Breakfast, 03/04/2019: ‘Would you let your young daughter go to a make up party?’ Joined a discussion on this issue

The Hard Shoulder, 11/09/2018: ‘Would you smash your child's device if they misbehaved?’ I discussed disciplining your children with Ivan Yates.

Lunchtime Live, 05/09/2018: 'The real meaning behind 'This Little Piggy' I talked to Ciara about nursery rhyme, and why the real darkness behind them is nothing to worry about.

Newstalk Breakfast, 13/08/2018: "999 service for mental health" Mental Health Minister Jim Daly outlines a new phone & online mental health service that he hopes to roll out in 2018. I give my reaction. 

The Hard Shoulder, 07/08/2018: Is Shouting at your children as bad as shouting? : Telling Kieran the long term effects of shouting.

Newstalk Breakfast, 31/07/2018: 'Why are our youths as anxious as ever? Giving my reaction to new stats from Jigsaw that says anxiety among youths is at an epidemic level. 

Ivan Yates on Newstalk, 19/97/2018:   'When is it ok to leave kids home alone' Discussing what is an appropriate age to leave children home alone.

Newstalk Breakfast, 19/06/2018: ' Helicopter Parenting-How damaging is it to your child?' Discussing the issue of helicoptering parenting and and how damaging is it to your child?

Newstalk Lunchtime Live, 31/05/2018 : 'The effects of this adoption controversy run deep': Talking to Ciara about the effects of the adoption controversy, and listeners told their adoption stories. Listen Here. 

Newstalk Breakfast, 17/05/2018: 'Friend or Foe to your child' Discussing if fairytales are damaging to our children after research showed that 1 in four parents are changing fairytales as they feel they are inappropriate. Listen Here. 

Newstalk Breakfast, 20/04/2018: 'Should Parents Reward their children with Sweets?' Speaking about the pros and cons of rewarding your children with sweets. Listen Here

Lunchtime Live, 10/04/2018: 'How do you talk to children about the abortion issue?' Giving Dr Ciara Kelly some advice on how to approach talking to children about abortion, if it comes up. Listen Here

Lunch time live, 29/03/2018: 'Is porn culture destroying our young people? Talking to Richard Chamber wondering about social media and porn culture, as we tried to dissect what we can learn from the Belfast trial. Listen Here

Lunchtime Live,16/01/2018.'Are Children Refusing to go to school from anxiety.' Chatting to Dr Ciara Kelly on how to deal with children who are refusing to go to school. Listen Here

Lunchtime Live, 01/12/2017: ‘Is bribing your children a legitimate parenting technique’. Talking to Dr Ciara Kelly about why bribing or incentivising can work when parenting. Listeners also got involved. Listen Here

Lunchtime Live, 19/09/2017: ‘How Do You Prepare Your Child For Dangers of Bullying’ Listen Here

Interview with Sarah Carey, 17/06/2017: Talking about the ISPCC ‘Headbomz’ ad and whether we should shield our children from mental health issues. 'Headbombz' ad and children' Listen Here

Interview with Pat Kenny, 17/02/2015: Talking about how are we raising a generation of cotton wool kids. ' Listen Here


Interview with Cormac Ó hEadhra on 'Today With Sean O'Rourke, 14/08/2017 - Talking about Bully-Proof Kids' Listen Here

Interview with John Murray, 8/04/2015 - Talking about Cotton Wool Kids ' Listen Here

Interview with Dave Fanning, 12 /08/2015- Talking about the Leaving Certificate ' Listen Here


The Last Word With Matt Copper, 21/01/2018:
Should RTÉ Drop Graham Linehan From Transgender Debate? Discussing with Matt and other guests whether RTE should drop Graham Linehan from Prime Time Special on Transgender Issues, aired on Wednesday, January 23 2019. Listen Here.

Are Teenagers Putting Popularity Over Online Safety? 11/01/2019. Concerns have been raised about the safety of young people who use Yubo, a social media app which is being described as "Tinder for teens". Here Stella discusses along with other guests how some teenagers are making friends with people are strangers and who could be predators. Listen Here.

Psychotherapist Stella O'Malley adds that teenagers are "making friends with people who are strangers and who could be predators.

The Last Word With Matt Cooper, 02/07/2018: 'Is Love Island Promoting Unrealistic Body Ideals?  I joined Matt and other panelist to discuss this popular show where I added that Love Island is "cementing the idea that if you look good, the world is your oyster, and if you don't, you're of no value. It's a depressing message." Listen here

Saturday Breakfast With Alison Curtis, 16/09'/2017,: 'What Every Parent Needs To Know About Dealing With Bullies'  I joined Alison on Weekend Breakfast, who was very intrigued by my insights. Listen Here

The Last Word With Matt Cooper, 23/08/2017, : Talking about how to 'Bully-Proof Your Kids' 

Sunday Brunch, 11/12/2016: 'Avoid the Family Drama this Christmas'. Sharing my advice on avoiding arguments over Christmas. Listen Here

The Last Word With Matt Cooper, 16/04/2015: 'What's making Irish parents paranoid?' I share my advice on avoiding arguments over Christmas Listen Here

today FM 

Kildare Focus, 25/04/2018: Chatting to Ciara Plunkett on raising happy kids in an anxious world. Listen Here

Kildare Focus, 25/01/2018: Talking to Ciara Plunkett on how to support a child with anxiety' . Listen Here

Kildare Focus, 08/01/2018: Talking to Ciara Plunkett about 'Bully-Proof  Kids: Practical tools to help them' Listen Here


Midlands 103, 06/02/2019: “Parents, Stop Demonising Phones – Take Responsibility”

BBC Radio Ulster Discussion Panel, 03/08/2018: Talking about the benefits of risk!

Voice of Islam Radio, 29/06/18: An interesting conversation about children's mental health. “Humans in distress often internalise it & hurt themselves to release pain. If a child is dark/mean/negative towards themselves – that is a red flag. Parents need to acknowledge this & to address it.” - @stellaomalley3 (Psychotherapist & author)

KCLR FM, 02/10/2017: KCLR Live talking with Eimear Ní Bhraonáin

WLR FM, 30/04/2015: Interview with Billy McCann 'Talking about competitive parenting leading to insecure parents '