- Talks Offered -

I am an experienced public speaker, broadcaster and mediator.  Below is a sample of some of the talks I give on mental well-being and about topical issues of the day as well as giving motivational talks about parenting and issues relating to adolescents and children. All enquiries to info@stellaomalley.com

Parenting & Adolescence

  • 'Raising Happy Kids in an Anxious World'
  • 'Bully-Proof Kids: Developing Resilience & Social Skills'
  • 'Working with Teenagers'
  • 'The Storms & Stresses of Adolescence' 
  • 'Developing Resilience, Confidence and Social Skills in Children'


Mental Well Being & Topical Issues 

  • 'Mindfulness'
  • 'Well-Being & Mental Health'
  • 'Self Care, Well-Being & Resilience : Why Caring for yourself is critical'
  • 'Enjoying a Work-life balance when you have a demanding family!'  
  • 'Finding peace in a busy world'   
  • 'Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy'
  • 'Roots & Wings'
  • 'Positive Body Image'
  • 'Exploring Bibliotherapy – Can you read yourself better'
  • 'Building Friendships, developing resilience & Handling conflict'
  • 'Bullying, Kindness & Tolerance in a Complicated World'


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“Superb talk tonight by Stella on Bully-Proof Kids - Very engaging and learned a lot.”
— Dara Morgan via Twitter
”I was surprised how much I benefited from this talk - after the evening I was finally motivated to have the courage to live my life according to my own beliefs and values - and not everyone else.”
— LizWright, 41
”Stella’s talk was fascinating; packed with practical information and startling insights into human behaviour. I’d recommend this talk to anyone.”
— Karina Doyle, 34