Stella O'Malley works as a freelance writer focusing on mental health and well-being concerns.

Here is a selection of some pieces recently published


Irish Independent

Friday, 10/08/2018: Vanity flair! - ‘We live in a society where expectation is escalating and escalating’. Featured in an article by Rose Mary Roche where she looks at the pressure on men to beef up and buff up, and asks what lies behind it.

Friday, 20/07/2018: 'Smartphone Orphans: Are Irish parents on their phones too much in front of their children?' I tell that Irish parents need to create their own boundaries and even sometimes allow their children to call them out if their smartphone use has become excessive.

Sunday, 24/06/2018: 'Children as young as four are self-harming - we can't turn a blind eye to mental health' When I first read about children as young as four presenting with mental health difficulties, such as self-harming behaviour and anxiety, I sighed heavily. Have we really come to this? I wondered.

Thursday, 31/05/2018: ''Lies Leave Victims Shattered'  Writing in Irish Independent about the effects of the adoption controversy. 

Friday, 25/05/2018, Entertainment TV news: 'Hurting the ones most in need? - Parents of teens watching ‘13 Reasons Why’ should grasp this opportunity.' The return of '13 Reasons Why' sparked fresh concerns about suicide on screen, but has the industry learned from its mistakes, I ask in this article.  

Tuesday, 01/05/2018: 'Shameful deception destroyed mothers' right to tell their children the truth.' An article talking about the smear test scandal that rocked the country in April 2018. 

Friday, 13/04/2018, Life: The best way to talk to young children about the abortion referendum, according to an Irish psychotherapist. An article covering my chat with radio presenter Dr Ciara Kelly, Lunchtime on Newstalk

Monday, 02/04/2018: 'In the wake of the Belfast trial, we really must rethink how rape cases are handled'

Thursday, 09/03/2018: 'We must stop the blame game and face evil among us to protect our vulnerable' 

Sunday, 18/02/2018, Life: 'Success isn't everything, kids need to learn from failure, too' 

Wednesday, 25/01/2018, Life: 'How To Keep Your Child From Online Predators'

Saturday, 30/12/2107, News: 'Easy Access To Hardcore Porn Means Teens Need Help To Navigate Boundaries' 

Thursday, 18/10/2017, Opinion: 'Equality can be achieved by a healthy life work balance - for us all' 

Wednesday, 17/10.2017. 'Life': 'Licence To Thrill' where I explain that we are actually 'hardwired' to take risks

Monday, 25/09/2017, 'Life':'One girl would actually ‘moo’ every time I passed her in the corridors' - mum-of-one on being bullied'  Denise Smith talking to me about how to cope when your child is being targeted.

Saturday, 26/08/2107, Life 'Parenting': 'Eight expert tips for raising bully-proof kids' - Eight ways to give your child the tools to navigate the minefield of growing up

Wednesday, 18/04/2017, Life: 'Raising Children in age of anxiety' Handling the anxious child – should we indulge their anxieties or ignore their anxieties?

Saturday17/12/2016, News: 'Tragic case highlights shameful treatment of carers in our society': discussing the mistreatment of carers in Ireland

Saturday, 03/12/2016, Opinion: 'Now is the time for adults to show they're on the child's side' : exploring how parents should respond to bullying

Saturday, 20/11/2016, Life: 'We might just end up with more Trumps - and fewer Michael Ds' : Why do we focus on performance in childhood?

Monday, 14/11/2016, Opinion: 'We should avoid "medicalising" kids who are perhaps just a bit different'  : dealing with children with different needs

Wednesday, 02/11/2016, Opinion: 'Forget pay rises, the unions should be focusing on winning greater job satisfaction for workers'  

Thursday, 27/10/2016, Opinion: 'Strike is teaching our children one thing: That's OK to hurt those relying on you if it means better wages' 

Saturday, 13/08/2016, Opinion: 'Why letting teens like Malia make mistakes is a good parenting tip' : exploring Malia Obama smoking marijuana and how to deal with a famous Dad

Thursday, 14/07/2016, Life: 'Comment: Have we become this squalid that we sexualise a mother's kiss?' : the response to Victoria Beckham kissing her child

Saturday, 17/04/2016, Weekend: 'We should teach our kids to thrive in the system - not opt out' : About the education system

Saturday, 06/12/2015, Life: 'With Christmas comes the plea for gadgets but should kids have them' : discussing whether we allow our kids more technology

Saturday, 24/10/2015, Life:  'Most parents are actually good enough. Let them keep the final say' : how parents are losing their status and power over their children

Saturday,  26/09/2015, News: It’s our job as parents to look after broken and unsure children’ : bullying and how parents can protect their kids

Friday, 11/09/2015, Opinion: 'Self-harm: How to hear your troubled teen's cry for help' :  teenagers and self-harm

Saturday, 22/08/2015, Opinion: 'Teaching empathy can help our children to find success' 

Wednesday, 12/08/2015 Opinion: ‘Parents must start leaving their children alone to learn life lessons’  :  discussing the pressure of the Leaving Cert results

Saturday, 14/03/2015, News: 'The notion of a family comprising of a mammy, daddy & 2.4 children is a tiny moment in the history of time'  - the Philip Larkin poem ‘This be the Verse...’

Saturday, 14/02/2015, Weekend Review ‘Life’: Is a slap on the wrist and a quick hug afterwards more violent than a 6ft man roaring in a two-year-olds face?’ 

Saturday,  06/ 07/2015, Weekend Review: ''We need to take the controls back from the electronic babysitter and ensure that we have full responsibility for whatever appears on screens in our own households' 

Sunday Independent

Sunday, 01/04/2018: 'Golden opportunity from the sordid details of a horrible night' - It doesn't matter what side of the argument you find yourself, some good should be made of the awful Belfast rape case. 

Sunday, 24/12/2017: 'Beat the blues by learning to live with what life has given you' - Writing about how the sooner we lose the notion of the perfect Christmas, the sooner we can relax and enjoy it. 

Sunday, 03/12/2017: 'Psychological abuse at home leaves deepest kind of scars'Writing about how the The Domestic Violence Bill is right to take into account the trauma of psychological abuse. 

Sunday, 08/10/2017: ' 'Yesterday a girl (12) described how a boy in her class sent her an explicit pic' - About parents need to monitor children's online behaviour and accept their emerging sexuality. 

Sunday, 27/08/2017, Life 'Parenting': 'What you can do if your child is being bullied' - As we face into a new school year, here I explain the cliques of childhood groups, why children bully, why they get bullied, and what you can do if your child is a bully, or is bullied

Sunday, 13/08/2017, Life: 'Boys & Girls' - Here I'm writing in the Sunday Life magazine about gender confusion

Sunday, 31/07/2016, Opinion: 'Why teaching your kids 'stranger danger' will not keep them safe' About teaching our children about Stranger Danger

Sunday, 30/03/2014, Lifestyle: 'The tethered generation'  : About how our children are tethered to their screens and need to leave the mothership

Sunday, 16/03/2014, Lifstyle: 'The commodified childhood' :  About how big business is making millions by creating fear, tension and insecurity in parents

Irish times 

Saturday, 08/12/2018: How to survive Christmas with a difficult family. Giving some advice as to how to cope with a difficult family at Christmas

Saturday, 21/07/2018: 'Where do children play? Annoyed resident's letter sparks debate' Do you always know where your children are? And – perhaps more importantly – should you? A debate which ran online over a letter uploaded to Twitter, which had been sent by an “annoyed resident” of Ailesbury Lawn in Dundrum, South Dublin, highlighted the divergence in people’s attitudes towards children playing outside.

Saturday, 16/06/2018. I spoke to Jen O Connell for this article in Irish Times 'Creepy, Actually: Romcoms mistake harassment for romance'

Tuesday, 19/12/2017, Life & Style: Writing about how ‘Christmas is gender driven. It's women believing the fun is in their hands’  where 'Women can get very stressed over Christmas . . . feeling a murderous rage’

Friday, 03/11/2017, Sharing my thoughts in an interesting piece on 'Flyers on flirting? The tricky issue of sexual consent on campus'

Saturday, 7/10/2017, Life & Style: Sharing my thoughts in Jennifer O'Connell's article 'Spy kids: the next generation of nursery surveillance devices is here' about the psychological toll on parents of nursery surveillance

Saturday, 12/08/2017, Life-Style & People: 'How to stop your child being bullied – or being a bully' 

Tuesday, 07/04/2015, Books: 'Why are we over-parenting, and what damage is it doing our children?'

Irish Examiner

Friday, 17/08/2018, 'Well-known parents share their back to school tips?' I spoke to the Irish Examiner about the dreaded back to school thing.. Though I think i'd rather holidays lasting forever.

Saturday, 04/08/2018, 'Are Women Really Hardwired to love Thrillers?' Rowena Walsh examines a genre we can't get enough of and I throw my thoughts into the debate in the Irish Examiner. 

Saturday, 30/06/2018, 'When mum really does know best'. I spoke this article with Rowena Walsh along with other parenting experts in the Irish Examiner about managing our own children over the summer break. 

Friday, 01/06/2018, 'Baby in the middle: When a new arrival turns your relationship upside down'. I'm mentioned in the Irish Examiner talking about how babies impact relationships

Saturday, 30/06/2018, 'Therapists were relieved when the WHO listed gaming addiction as a mental health condition'. Now we can finally call this issue as we see it, I write in this piece. 

Sunday, 27/08/2017, Cyberbullying: 'Girls' lives can be ripped apart by angry boys who can't have them'

Sunday, 13/08/2017, Magazine: 'Bully-Proof Kids'


Saturday, 01/09/2017, Irish County Living: 'Bully-Proof' 

irish farmers journal 

 Other Publications

Tuesday, 17/04/2018, My interview with RSVPLive about Ireland abortion referendum 2018: How should you talk to your child about it? featured in the Irish Mirror

Tuesday, 03/04/2018, My article The conversations parents need to have with their children after the Belfast rape case   featured in the Belfast Telegraph

Saturday, 23/12/2017, Longford Leader, featured in a piece on Positive Health Week at Longford town's Meán Scoil Mhuire' 

Friday, 22/12/2017, Limerick Post, featured in a piece on 'Beyond the neon runes'