Stella O'Malley works as a freelance journalist focusing on mental health and well-being concerns.

Here is a selection of some pieces recently published


Irish independent

Thursday, 09/03/2018: 'We must stop the blame game and face evil among us to protect our vulnerable' 

Sunday, 18/02/2018, Life: 'Success isn't everything, kids need to learn from failure, too' 

Wednesday, 25/01/2018, Life: 'How To Keep Your Child From Online Predators'

Saturday, 30/12/2107, News: 'Easy Access To Hardcore Porn Means Teens Need Help To Navigate Boundaries' 

Thursday, 18/10/2017, Opinion: 'Equality can be achieved by a healthy life work balance - for us all' 

Wednesday, 17/10.2017. 'Life': 'Licence To Thrill' where I explain that we are actually 'hardwired' to take risks

Monday, 25/09/2017, 'Life':'One girl would actually ‘moo’ every time I passed her in the corridors' - mum-of-one on being bullied'  Denise Smith talking to me about how to cope when your child is being targeted.

Saturday, 26/08/2107, Life 'Parenting': 'Eight expert tips for raising bully-proof kids' - Eight ways to give your child the tools to navigate the minefield of growing up

Wednesday, 18/04/2017, Life: 'Raising Children in age of anxiety' Handling the anxious child – should we indulge their anxieties or ignore their anxieties?

Saturday17/12/2016, News: 'Tragic case highlights shameful treatment of carers in our society': discussing the mistreatment of carers in Ireland

Saturday, 03/12/2016, Opinion: 'Now is the time for adults to show they're on the child's side' : exploring how parents should respond to bullying

Saturday, 20/11/2016, Life: 'We might just end up with more Trumps - and fewer Michael Ds' : Why do we focus on performance in childhood?

Monday, 14/11/2016, Opinion: 'We should avoid "medicalising" kids who are perhaps just a bit different'  : dealing with children with different needs

Wednesday, 02/11/2016, Opinion: 'Forget pay rises, the unions should be focusing on winning greater job satisfaction for workers'  

Thursday, 27/10/2016, Opinion: 'Strike is teaching our children one thing: That's OK to hurt those relying on you if it means better wages' 

Saturday, 13/08/2016, Opinion: 'Why letting teens like Malia make mistakes is a good parenting tip' : exploring Malia Obama smoking marijuana and how to deal with a famous Dad

Thursday, 14/07/2016, Life: 'Comment: Have we become this squalid that we sexualise a mother's kiss?' : the response to Victoria Beckham kissing her child

Saturday, 17/04/2016, Weekend: 'We should teach our kids to thrive in the system - not opt out' : About the education system

Saturday, 06/12/2015, Life: 'With Christmas comes the plea for gadgets but should kids have them' : discussing whether we allow our kids more technology

Saturday, 24/10/2015, Life:  'Most parents are actually good enough. Let them keep the final say' : how parents are losing their status and power over their children

Saturday,  26/09/2015, News: It’s our job as parents to look after broken and unsure children’ : bullying and how parents can protect their kids

Friday, 11/09/2015, Opinion: 'Self-harm: How to hear your troubled teen's cry for help' :  teenagers and self-harm

Saturday, 22/08/2015, Opinion: 'Teaching empathy can help our children to find success' 

Wednesday, 12/08/2015 Opinion: ‘Parents must start leaving their children alone to learn life lessons’  :  discussing the pressure of the Leaving Cert results

Saturday, 14/03/2015, News: 'The notion of a family comprising of a mammy, daddy & 2.4 children is a tiny moment in the history of time'  - the Philip Larkin poem ‘This be the Verse...’

Saturday, 14/02/2015, Weekend Review ‘Life’: Is a slap on the wrist and a quick hug afterwards more violent than a 6ft man roaring in a two-year-olds face?’ 

Saturday,  06/ 07/2015, Weekend Review: ''We need to take the controls back from the electronic babysitter and ensure that we have full responsibility for whatever appears on screens in our own households' 

Sunday Independent

Sunday, 24/12/2017: 'Beat the blues by learning to live with what life has given you' - Writing about how the sooner we lose the notion of the perfect Christmas, the sooner we can relax and enjoy it. 

Sunday, 03/12/2017: 'Psychological abuse at home leaves deepest kind of scars'Writing about how the The Domestic Violence Bill is right to take into account the trauma of psychological abuse. 

Sunday, 08/10/2017: ' 'Yesterday a girl (12) described how a boy in her class sent her an explicit pic' - About parents need to monitor children's online behaviour and accept their emerging sexuality. 

Sunday, 27/08/2017, Life 'Parenting': 'What you can do if your child is being bullied' - As we face into a new school year, here I explain the cliques of childhood groups, why children bully, why they get bullied, and what you can do if your child is a bully, or is bullied

Sunday, 13/08/2017, Life: 'Boys & Girls' - Here I'm writing in the Sunday Life magazine about gender confusion

Sunday, 31/07/2016, Opinion: 'Why teaching your kids 'stranger danger' will not keep them safe' About teaching our children about Stranger Danger

Sunday, 30/03/2014, Lifestyle: 'The tethered generation'  : About how our children are tethered to their screens and need to leave the mothership

Sunday, 16/03/2014, Lifstyle: 'The commodified childhood' :  About how big business is making millions by creating fear, tension and insecurity in parents

Irish times 

Tuesday, 19/12/2017, Life & Style: Writing about how ‘Christmas is gender driven. It's women believing the fun is in their hands’  where 'Women can get very stressed over Christmas . . . feeling a murderous rage’

Friday, 03/11/2017, Sharing my thoughts in an interesting piece on 'Flyers on flirting? The tricky issue of sexual consent on campus'

Saturday, 7/10/2017, Life & Style: Sharing my thoughts in Jennifer O'Connell's article 'Spy kids: the next generation of nursery surveillance devices is here' about the psychological toll on parents of nursery surveillance

Saturday, 12/08/2017, Life-Style & People: 'How to stop your child being bullied – or being a bully' 

Tuesday, 07/04/2015, Books: 'Why are we over-parenting, and what damage is it doing our children?'

Sunday, 13/08/2017, Magazine: 'Bully-Proof Kids'


Saturday, 01/09/2017, Irish County Living: 'Bully-Proof' 

irish farmers journal 

Sat, 23/12/2017, Longford Leader, featured in a piece on Positive Health Week at Longford town's Meán Scoil Mhuire' 

Fri, 22/12/2017, Limerick Post, featured in a piece on 'Beyond the neon runes'

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