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Quoted briefly in a piece "Tired but wired: Living with anxiety" by Katie Byrne, February 3 2018. 

Talking to Deirdre Rooney about the pitfalls parents can sometimes fall into when faced with an anxious child, January 24, 2018: How to help your little worrier

A gorgeous piece here by Frank Coughlan in the Irish Independent, June 21 2017, saying that parents need to quell their anxieties instead of infecting their children- and I'm mentioned in it: 'Backpacking adventures are life-changing for students... but what about the parents?' 

An interview with Tanya Sweeney in the Independent, April 17 2017: 'Why staying together for the sake of your kids could actually be doing them a lot more harm'

An interview with Ed Power, Irish Indo, April 6 2016 about fathers in the modern world: 'Why Dads can't have it all'

An interview with Kim Bielenderg on June 26 2016 on big shock I got when I became  psychotherapist and how many ordinary people came to see me. I presumed that it was mostly a middle class urban thing but it really isn't. I'm delighted I was so wrong; I work with farmers, working class, unemployed, self-employed, every different type of person: 'Ireland is a nation in therapy' 

An interview with Áilín Quinlan  for this piece in the Indo about screens and kids, June 15 2016: 'Do your kids need a digital detox?'

Áilín Quinlan interviewed me in this piece for The Irish Independent about the complicated nuances of social media in teenagers’ lives, May 4 2016: 'The secret lives of teengers'

An interview with Emily Hourican, Sunday Independent, April 10 2017:  'How to survive the Easter Holidays with kids of all ages'

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Speaking Helen O'Callaghan in the Irish Examiner on Fri, Dec 1 2017 about this great new film about Auggie Pullman on Tackling the complex issue of school bullying

Chatting with Ailin Quinn on 'Dishing Out The Chores', Tues, Nov 21 2017 about 'Dishing Out The Chores' 

An interview with Helen O'Callaghan in the Examiner, Fri, Sept 1 2017 about Bully-Proof Kids and how best to tackle bullying at school and the misery it can bring: 'Bullyproof kids: How to protect your child against school bullies'

An interview with Andrea Mara in the Examiner, April 21 2017 about bullying: 'What you should do if you suspect your child is being bullied in school' 

An interview with Helen O’Callaghan December 30 2016 in the Examiner: 'What really matters: Parenting advice for 2017'

An interview with Andrea Mara, Examiner, July 15 2016 : Balancing independence with keeping children safe

An interview with Clodagh Finn, July 18 2016 on our rush to judge parents: 'Parenting is like a bloodsport these days!'

An interview with Helen O’Callaghan, June 28 2016: This one is for the daddies! where I was interviewed  about how mothers tend to presume they know so much more than fathers- but do they really?!? Is Mammy's way always superior?!?

I spoke to Ailín Quinlan for the Irish Examiner about how to handle teenager girls survive the online jungle, April 1 2016: 'How parents can help their teenage girl survive online'

In this piece in the Irish Examiner I give suggestions about how to handle teenagers... personally I love teenagers, they make me laugh, Februray 22 2016: 'The dos and donts have handling teenagers' 

An interview with Helen O’Callaghan for the Examiner: a long piece all about what a crap parent I am and how ‘good enough is good enough’ etc etc, 19 September 2015: 'Four experts give their tops tips for parenting'

An interview with Andrea Mara about the value of Free-range parenting, August 21 2015: 'Letting kids run free makes them better adults'

Irish Times 

Arlene Harris interviewed me in this piece for the Irish Times on how girls in particular may suffer emotionally and social in single sex schools for a  range of reasons. 'The Problems With All Girls Schools' 

Sheila Wayman from the Irish Times interviewed me about the kids-with-smartphones debate, January 28 2018: A ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ horror tale for the internet age

I spoke to Jennifer O'Connell in the Irish Times about micro-cheating in Irish Times, January 20, 2018: 'What is a micro-cheat and are you one? 

I was interviewed by the Irish Times about school refusal. It's a complicated issue, becoming much more widespread: January 8 2018:  Schoolflakes? The children not going to school . . . because they don’t like it

An interview with Jennifer O’Connell in Irish Times, June 24 2017 about sextortion and online abuse: 'Can you send me a pic? The growth of ‘sextortion’ in Ireland'

Maria McHale, Irish Times, August 30 2016 : Stranger danger: What are the real risks of our daily interactions? In a paranoid society anxious parents must empower children to listen to their intuition


An interview with the lovely Andrea Mara about the benefits of free-range parenting, December 9 2016: 'Free range parenting: building independence in your child'

Office mum

 Monday, June 25 2018: iKydz Internet Safety spoke with me recently on how the Internet is having an effect on kids' social skills. Check out what I had to say and Have a listen here.


A piece on RSVPlive on How should you talk to your child about the abortion referendum? Could the posters have a negative effect on them?

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