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Stella O’Malley is a psychotherapist, best selling author, and public speaker with many years’ experience as a mental health professional.  Much of Stella’s counselling and teaching work is with parents and young people which culminated in the publication of her book ‘Cotton Wool Kids’ by Mercier Press in 2015. ‘Cotton Wool Kids’ remained on the Irish bestseller charts and remained for some time. In August 2017,  Gill Books released Stella's new best-selling book 'Bully-Proof Kids: Practical tools to help kids grow up confident, resilient and strong'.    Tel: 085 7112211      

‘I think this book [Bully-Proof Kids] is a great place to start if you need it.’
— Dr Ciara Kelly, Newstalk

  'Bully-Proof Kids'

When you’re a child, tween or teen, the social scene can be difficult to handle. Some kids haven’t yet developed the social skills to be able to cope confidently in this toxic world where bullies won’t let up, worried victims are ashamed to tell and bystanders don t act to help the situation. 'Bully-Proof Kids' gives parents – and kids – the tools to break the cycle by examining the factors that contribute to bullying: the school environment; the personalities of those involved; and the often-overlooked role of bystanders.

In this new book, Stella describes what determines whether your child may become a victim, a bystander or a bully and offers concrete strategies to help you empower your children to be socially competent and deal with bullying both online and in school. 

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‘For us paid-up members of the over-parenting generation Stella O’Malley’s common sense is a huge relief’
— Brendan O'Connor

'Cotton Wool Kids'

'Cotton Wool Kids' exposes the truth behind the scary stories and gives parents the information and the confidence to free themselves from the treadmill of after-school activities and over-supervision that has become common today. Parents are provided with strategies to learn how to handle the relentless pressure from society and the media to provide a 'perfect' childhood, and instead to raise their children with a more relaxed and joyful approach.

This highly acclaimed book reveals the media-fuelled madness of paranoid parenting and describes how a more relaxed attitude to raising children can lead to happier, healthier families.       

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In this 'Laura Meets.. series for the M Word, I chat to Laura Wood to discuss stress in childhood - and who's responsible? The conclusion may surprise you.

In the first of ' Laura Meets...' series for The M Word, I met child author Laura Wood where we took on the topic 'Should We Allow Our Children To Take More Risks?'All the questions came from the M Word readers!